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The Winner of the JGS Feast Is…

I’m so excited to announce the winner of this prize! I actually wish was the lucky fan about to enjoy a week-long Jamaican Green Smoothie Feast – absolutely FREE.

Custom-made, freshly blended, authentically Jamaican, 100% raw/unprocessed, no-water-added jars of deliciousness are going to be delivered to the home or office of one lucky reader. Earlier this month, I announced that owners of the Kindle edition of “Jamaican Green Smoothies” stood the chance to win 6 green smoothies, blended and delivered by Live Juice Bar!

Well, the results are in!


Congratulations and enjoy!

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WIN a Jamaican Green Smoothie Feast!

On Monday, I received the first copy of the paperback edition of “Jamaican Green Smoothies: The Essential Guide to Transforming Your Life One Cup at a Time with the Leafy Greens & Fruits in Your Backyard“. I was so overjoyed that I decided I needed to say “Thanks” to all the persons who supported the kindle ebook version of the JGS Essential Guide. Since it was first published (May 5, 2014), hundreds of persons from around the world (using Amazon’s various regional websites) have downloaded the book. In fact, the earliest customer reviews on Amazon helped me to tweak the content (add more photos and get a review and endorsement from Food & Nutrition Scientist, Yanique Rodgers) and even improve the cover. So, in more ways than one, I’m indebted to you, my readers, for the success this book has seen. This is why I’m giving away a 1-week supply of Jamaican Green Smoothies, courtesy of Live Juice Bar to one of you!


JGS Cover 6x9


Sweepstake Details
This one-week Jamaican Green Smoothie Feast includes 6 freshly blended, Jamaican Green Smoothies delivered (2 at a time) over 3 days (e.g. Monday, Wednesday, Friday) to your address (within the Kingston & St. Andrew corporate area) – for FREE!

You can get details on how to enter this sweepstake by: (1) Checking your email, if you are on the 30-Day Jamaican Green Smoothie Challenge mailing list OR (2) Signing up to receive the email with the info here:

The deadline for entries is September 10, 2014.
The randomly selected winner will be announced on September 12, 2014.

Only persons who own a copy of the Kindle edition of the Jamaican Green Smoothies book will be able to enter. Please remember that this is my ‘Thank You’ gesture to my first supporters, so NO PURCHASE is NECESSARY! In fact, many of you never even paid for your copies of the book, because you were able to download it during one of the FREE Book Promotions that were held.



Terms & Conditions
The “Jamaican Green Smoothie Feast” sweepstake is limited to Jamaican Residents. Void where prohibited. No charges nor fees to enter. No purchase necessary. Not a lottery, but a sweepstake. So the winner will be selected by random drawing. Free delivery of gift is limited to the Kingston & St. Andrew corporate area. My family members, co-habitants, the owners and employees of Live Juice Bar are not eligible for entry. The odds of winning depends on the number of participants.


So, don’t waste a minute!
Get signed up to find out how you can enter to win. Click THIS link or copy and paste this URL  into your browser:

Green Smoothies by Live Juice Bar
Green Smoothies by Live Juice Bar



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Hurdles, Green Smoothies & Nursery Rhymes

The past few weeks have been filled with lots of hurdles, detours and many hectic moments. I’ve been working with a Nutritionist to get a professional review and endorsement for my book, Jamaican Green Smoothies: The Essential Guide To Transforming Your Life, One Cup At A Time, With The Leafy Greens & Fruits In Your Backyard and making some minor additions and formatting in preparation for the release of the paperback copy. Then to complicate things, I started having issues with the PC I use to work while away from home 🙁 But, the experience led me to try out a few Chinese eCommerce companies, and that was pretty enlightening and positive – more on that later. But, all in all, I’m happy, healthy and grateful for many blessings.


30Dy JGS Challenge

I’m happy to report that the first week of the 30-Day Jamaican Green Smoothie Challenge has been fun! It’s so exciting to see all the pics and updates in the JGS Facebook group. The theme this week was Basic Daily Green Smoothies: blends using Pure Water as the liquid. You know I like to keep things simple! But, for next week, we’re kicking it up a notch with an energy boost from Coconut Water and unsweetened Fruit Juices. I had a case of coconut water delivered to my apartment yesterday, so I’m really enthused to start blending up next week’s Premium Daily Green Smoothies. If you haven’t signed up as yet, it’s not too late. Here’s the link:



Source: The Felt Source
Now, in other news! LOL. I have to mention that I grew up on nursery rhymes! So, it kind of flowed naturally that I’d share many of them with the Small, Bright-eyed Human. But, soon after reciting a few, I began to notice something sinister and dark in a number of them. Do you read nursery rhymes to your little ones? Well, you definitely need to read this article I wrote for Baby & Blog: 8 Popular Nursery Rhymes With Dark Meanings
Let me know what your thoughts are on nursery rhymes and remember to sign up for the 30-Day JGS Challenge!
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“Jamaican Green Smoothies” is on Kindle!

Yes, you read correctly! I’m officially a self-published author.


It has been quite the journey – one year to be exact – since I got the idea to publish my own books. I have always enjoyed writing and have drafted the outlines for a number of books and even started working on the manuscript for a few. But, I never really knew how to write a book or how to get one published. Let’s just say that because of the selfless and high quality investments of a number of writing/publishing and business coaches, I have woken up to realising my dream is my reality. So, I am forever grateful and thoroughly excited about the prospects from here on.


So, What’s In The Book?

Hundreds of persons have joined the Jamaican Green Smoothie movement and this train is not stopping any time soon. In fact, my newly published Kindle eBook: “Jamaican Green Smoothies” is here to take things to another level! Maybe you heard the buzz and you probably gazed quizzically at a green smoothie or two, but you’re not quite ready to take the plunge. Or maybe you’ve been sampling cups of the green goodness, but you still want to know more about this trend of blending leafy greens and fruits into creamy emulsions. The Jamaican Green Smoothies book will fill all those gaps.

Jamaican Green Smoothies: The Essential Guide to Transforming Your Life, One Cup at a Time, with the Leafy Greens & Fruits in Your Backyard” will help you to:

  • Learn what green smoothies are and how to make them.
  • Discover the benefits of a green smoothie habit.
  • Avoid the potential hazards that come with drinking leafy greens.

But, Jamaican Green Smoothies is not just a Green Smoothie 101 textbook – it includes recipes! You will be able to explore over 30 Recipes – a different Jamaican Green Smoothie for each day of the month – including recipes for:

  • Your Daily Green Smoothie Habit
  • Your Weekend Treats
  • Your One-Week Detox
  • Your Weight Loss Plan

The recipes that you will find in the Jamaican Green Smoothies Kindle eBook are one of a kind, because they will guide you in making smooth and creamy blends that:

  • Use affordable (or free), locally-grown ingredients.
  • Take 5 minutes or less of your day to make.
  • Deliciously satisfy your daily requirement for fruits and vegetables.
  • Balance your diet, improve your health and transform your lifestyle.
  • Will not place any dietary restrictions on you.

Jamaican Green Smoothies also includes 15 BONUS Celebrity Gourmet Recipes! This additional chapter features some favourite Jamaican Green Smoothie blends created by some prominent, yet regular Jamaican men and women, who have been enjoying the Green Smoothie habit for a long time and continue to reap the benefits.


Giving You Free Downloads

The price in the Kindle Store is currently US$4.99 and that’s a deal! Just a Nanny ($J500). After all, where else can you find Green Smoothie recipes using Jamaican leafy greens, fruits, liquids and extras? Well, I’m so happy to share the book with you, that I’ll be giving it away for FREE!

Free Download

On Friday May 9th, please go to Amazon’s Kindle Store and get your copy, completely FREE of cost! The only thing I ask in return, is that you leave a great review on Amazon for others to see.

Don’t have a Kindle device? Neither do I! LOL. That’s because Amazon offers Free Kindle Reading Apps that allow us to enjoy ebooks on our PCs or mobile devices (e.g. Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android). I read most of my Kindle books using the Kindle Cloud Reader (in my internet browser – no downloading required). So, please get your copy of my book, tell a friend to get a copy and PLEASE be sure to leave a review!

Thanks again for all the support and encouragement. I hope you enjoy the book’s content and the benefits of  developing a green smoothie habit.



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March’s 30-Day JGS Challenge: Week 2

Our second week of blending up leafy green veggies and fruit was wonderful for so many reasons! We focused on Diet Green Smoothies (otherwise known as Thickies or Meal Replacement Smoothies) and took some time to look at some of the benefits of enjoying a Green Smoothie Habit.

Green Smoothie On the Go
I usually work from home, but had to do a lot of business-related travelling during the week. So, my faithful mason jar teamed up with a cushioned bottle case for the trek. I never realised how a little bit of planning and preparation could come together to ensure that I hauled an icy glass full of green goodness behind me each day. All this, while I made breakfast for my family and got everyone ready to head out for work and play. So, I know that even these busiest working mother can pull off a green smoothie every day, if she wants.

Mailing List Glitches Fixed
I had gotten complaints from some JGS Challengers about not receiving the weekly emails (containing the week’s recipes and market list), so I switched back to the email marketing service that we used during the first challenge (January 2014) and it seemed to have resolved the issue. In the resolution process, some of you may have received the emails twice as this was the risk I had to take to ensure everyone’s mail box was treated. However, I would encourage you to log into your email account from a computer and look under the “Promotions” tab of the inbox and you’ll see them there. If you’re checking from your cellphone, you won’t get them in the “Primary” tab. Thanks for your patience and understanding, nonetheless. If you haven’t subscribed as yet, please do so using this link.

Major Publicity
The highlight of the week was the invitation I received to be a guest on Television Jamaica’s Smile Jamaica show. It seems that the 30-Day Jamaican Green Smoothie Challenge did not just spread to other nations (as I mentioned in Week 1’s review), but had caught the attention of Jamaica’s number 1 media outlet! *applause* *confetti* However, since I wasn’t able to be on set for the Weekend Smile feature, I invited one JGS Challenger and one JGS Sponsor to represent for us. Suzanne Cole’s awesome testimony about the benefits of taking the 30-Day Jamaican Green Smoothie Challenge inspired and encouraged all who heard it. Then, Cherie Dowdie (of Live Juice Bar) was able to demo the popular “Mango Walk” recipe (with a minor variation), during the feature. The entire presentation was well done and we have been getting lots of positive feedback from the public. I am very grateful for having received this opportunity, and for having strong, beautiful sistren to support and promote the Jamaican Green Smoothie Movement with me.

Special Welcome & the Endo Warriors
We want to heartily welcome all the new members of the JGS group on Facebook; particularly those who discovered us on TVJ, and those who heard about us through the amazing testimonies of our sisters living with Endometriosis. They have been finding major pain relief and healing through the daily consumption of Jamaican Green Smoothies. So, we are happy to have them join us, especially since we are in Endo Awareness Month.

Please check out the recording of our television début on TVJ’s Weekend Smile by clicking the image below:

Smile JA