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WIN a Jamaican Green Smoothie Feast!

On Monday, I received the first copy of the paperback edition of “Jamaican Green Smoothies: The Essential Guide to Transforming Your Life One Cup at a Time with the Leafy Greens & Fruits in Your Backyard“. I was so overjoyed that I decided I needed to say “Thanks” to all the persons who supported the kindle ebook version of the JGS Essential Guide. Since it was first published (May 5, 2014), hundreds of persons from around the world (using Amazon’s various regional websites) have downloaded the book. In fact, the earliest customer reviews on Amazon helped me to tweak the content (add more photos and get a review and endorsement from Food & Nutrition Scientist, Yanique Rodgers) and even improve the cover. So, in more ways than one, I’m indebted to you, my readers, for the success this book has seen. This is why I’m giving away a 1-week supply of Jamaican Green Smoothies, courtesy of Live Juice Bar to one of you!


JGS Cover 6x9


Sweepstake Details
This one-week Jamaican Green Smoothie Feast includes 6 freshly blended, Jamaican Green Smoothies delivered (2 at a time) over 3 days (e.g. Monday, Wednesday, Friday) to your address (within the Kingston & St. Andrew corporate area) – for FREE!

You can get details on how to enter this sweepstake by: (1) Checking your email, if you are on the 30-Day Jamaican Green Smoothie Challenge mailing list OR (2) Signing up to receive the email with the info here:

The deadline for entries is September 10, 2014.
The randomly selected winner will be announced on September 12, 2014.

Only persons who own a copy of the Kindle edition of the Jamaican Green Smoothies book will be able to enter. Please remember that this is my ‘Thank You’ gesture to my first supporters, so NO PURCHASE is NECESSARY! In fact, many of you never even paid for your copies of the book, because you were able to download it during one of the FREE Book Promotions that were held.



Terms & Conditions
The “Jamaican Green Smoothie Feast” sweepstake is limited to Jamaican Residents. Void where prohibited. No charges nor fees to enter. No purchase necessary. Not a lottery, but a sweepstake. So the winner will be selected by random drawing. Free delivery of gift is limited to the Kingston & St. Andrew corporate area. My family members, co-habitants, the owners and employees of Live Juice Bar are not eligible for entry. The odds of winning depends on the number of participants.


So, don’t waste a minute!
Get signed up to find out how you can enter to win. Click THIS link or copy and paste this URL  into your browser:

Green Smoothies by Live Juice Bar
Green Smoothies by Live Juice Bar



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