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The Plant-Based Cooking Demo & Lunch

Having shared with you some of the foods I eat on a regular basis, I found this video of reggae artiste, Macka B, singing about the vegan diet:

I really liked this song because of the variety of foods that Macka B lists and the fact that he displays a wealth of knowledge about proper nutrition and knows what essential nutrients he needs to get from his meals.

For some people, even after watching a video, reading an article or meeting someone who eats plant-based, and being convinced that this is the way to go, they still remain confused about what to eat and how to prepare it. This fact has been displayed in the many requests I have had (emails, SMS, instant messages, in-person) for recipes and, more so, a live demonstration of how I prepare these meat-free, egg-free, and dairy-free dishes.

Over time, I soon realised that I had promised quite a few friends that I’d make the time to come by their kitchens and give them a guiding hand in their exploration of the world of plant-based cooking. So, these promises were piling up and my ‘available’ time wasn’t. So, one morning (one of those when your mind is clear and bursting with ideas and strategies), I decided to drop a few lines, inviting a select few – on very short notice – to join me for a plant-based lunch and cooking demo.

Following some initial indications of interest, I scratched out the following menu for our foodie event:

Cream of Pumpkin Soup
Curried Ackee Wraps

Mini Burgers
Escoveitched Tofu with Bammy
Garden Salad with Tofu Bites
Cool Potato Salad
Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes
Soy Ice Cream
Pine-Ting Smoothies

Now, I could easily launch my own review of the experience, but my friend, Monique, did a great job in her blog post on (I love the fruit and veggie banner that she has!). Please click on the link to share in the event (pics included): Vegetarian for a day….or at least…a meal

All I can say is, everyone had their favourite dishes and I look forward to another demo sometime soon.

Stay Earth Strong!

2 thoughts on “The Plant-Based Cooking Demo & Lunch

  1. Please post more! Just came across your write up on Brown Vegan, I love Jamaican food, I’m limited enough to what I eat that you could aid in my learning some great new foods that are vegan. Limited only because I get stuck on one thing and stay there like Curry Chicken which I’ll eat with Roti as an option, or Stewed Fish, as long as it has plantain I’m usually good…hmmm maybe Ill curry some plantains with rice and beans:)

    Point being I’d love to learn of more Jamaican food options from a vegan. I’m not a vegan but am trying to incorporate more healthy eating into my diet hence more healthy vegan recipes.

    1. It’s great to know that you enjoyed the post, Faith215. I hope you enjoyed the other posts already published and will visit again to view more posts to come. I’ll be working on more veganised and some ital (traditional Jamaican vegan) dishes for you, especially. Please stay in touch.

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