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The Biggest Reason Your Green Smoothies Aren’t Healing You


You may still be asking yourself what the green smoothie hype is all about. You probably even wondered when you’re going to see the results other people have been raving about.

But could there be something wrong with your green smoothies? Is it possible you’re leaving out something special? Or are you putting in all the wrong stuff? Well, I see it all the time and now you’re about to find out the biggest mistake a lot of people are making with their green smoothies and how to avoid it.


After just a few minutes of consulting Uncle Google, you’ll dig up a few 100 green smoothie recipes, come across various ‘favourite’ ingredients and be sucked in by the BESTness of one-too-many superfoods. Then, you’ll eventually decide that it’s easier to toss whatever veggies you have on hand into the blender, so you can have your daily serving of the green goodness. With handfuls of string beans, sweet peppers, broccoli and cucumbers you suddenly feel happy that you’ve covered your ‘greens’. *MISTAKE* Or maybe, you know for sure that carrots and beetroots are a must for a healthy, vegetable drink. *MISTAKE*


WAIT DEH LIKKL’ BIT! Are you trying to blend up ‘green stuff’ or are you trying to drink all your veggies? NEITHER.

While all fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a balanced diet, green smoothies are all about the LEAVES! The ‘green’ in a green smoothie comes from the dark-green, leafy vegetables. Also known as greens or leaf vegetables, this one ingredient is the key to blending beverages that restore, create and sustain vibrant health.


So, what’s the deal with dark-green, leafy veggies? Well, leafy greens pack in a hefty and vital supply of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, natural nitrates and dietary fibre. They are also full of chlorophyll – the green pigment which allows the plant to absorb the sun’s energy and convert it to nourishment – which pumps direct energy into our bodies, when we eat leaves. In fact, experts in nutritional science have confirmed that if we frequently consume greens, like Callaloo (aka Amaranth Greens), Spinach, Watercress, or Purslane, they will:

  • help manage hunger and promote weight loss
  • promote detoxification
  • prevent cancer
  • lower or maintain blood pressure
  • control blood sugar levels
  • strengthen teeth and bones

They have also found that the easiest way to consume large quantities of leafy greens is to liquefy them; and by adding fruit to the ‘lawnmower pulp’ we give our taste buds a treat.

So, as we aim for a nutritionally adequate diet that promotes healing and vitality, we have to focus on the leaves. Don’t throw every green thing you find into the blender: focus on the leaves. Don’t throw all sorts of non-leafy vegetables into the mix just because you’re trying to recreate V8: focus on the leaves.

Dark-green leafy vegetables are the main ingredient in your green smoothie.

You may add a little water, to get the leaves moving around in the blender; then use fresh or frozen fruits to sweeten the blend. Don’t make the mistake of replacing the leaves – it’s all about the leaves. Don’t miss out on the awesome, healing benefits of a green smoothie habit. Just keep it simple and focus on the leaves!

Having you been focused on consuming more dark-green, leafy vegetables?
Please tell me in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “The Biggest Reason Your Green Smoothies Aren’t Healing You

  1. Oh yes I have been. I have also lost some weight, and also notices that my skin is looking a little clearer. My “freeness”hasn’t quite caught up with the rest of us yet, but its coming. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  2. Tell them Didan! Telling me too.
    This is a timely reminder!Great article.

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