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The ONLY Way to Get Green Smoothies to Work For You

The first time I learned about green smoothies, Jamaican Lifestyle Blogger, Irie Diva, had been successfully using them as a major part of her weight loss programme. Then as I researched more and more, I came across stories of persons who had rid themselves of various diseases (like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and high cholesterol) just by drinking green smoothies. So, when I invited my friends and family members to take a 30-day Jamaican green smoothie challenge with me, I knew that they were certain to reap some noticeable benefits – and many of them did. I’ve received testimonials about fading eye-sight being restored, significant weight-loss, relief from Endometriosis pains, lighter flows and more regular menstrual periods, healthier hair, and relief from rare skin disorders. However, one year and five 30-day challenges later, I have also come across persons who complain that they didn’t experience any changes or that they “gained back the weight” after the challenge was over. Hmm… Do you know why?


*tape fast forwarding*
I just deleted a whole paragraph – so I can get straight to the point!


We can only enjoy lasting benefits when we make long-term changes.


When you have followed a ‘not-so-healthy’ lifestyle for decades, which resulted in toxic overloads and various health challenges, how could a 16oz green smoothie each day for 30 days undo that mess? By the time you completed the challenge, your body was very likely just beginning to get rid of the previous month’s ‘garbage’.

If you were able to lose some weight after a month of skipping meals and replacing them with filling 32oz green smoothies, only to gain it all back a few weeks after the challenge was over, why are you surprised? Didn’t you jump back into your regular eating habits and exercise-free lifestyle?


Habits & Lifestyles
The main difference I’ve noticed between the people who are transformed by green smoothies and those who aren’t is HABIT. The transformed people were not looking for magic tricks or a quick fix – they were looking for a brand new life. A brand new life requires a brand new lifestyle, and a lifestyle is made up of HABITS.

For the people with success stories, green smoothies weren’t just a 30-day challenge. They picked up a green smoothie habit. Many of them also changed their eating habits and got rid of the refined and heavily processed foods. Some even started exercising regularly and drinking more water. Most of all, they began to learn more about what their bodies need to be vibrant, and started living that way.


The only way to make green smoothies work for you is to make blending a daily habit.


It’s Really Up to You
As we approach the end of another 30-days of blending up our greens, I hope you won’t return to the old you. I sincerely hope that you will make greens a regular part of your life. That like the cup of coffee that some people ‘have to have’ before they can start their day, or di draw a mint tea fi buss di gas before you have your breakfast, green smoothies will become a part of your lifestyle. Sure! We can pick up a new habit in 30-days. But, habits become a lifestyle over weeks, months and years. Unlike a 30-day challenge, daily habits don’t have expiry dates. So, it’s really up to you to decide.


What are you going to get out of drinking green smoothies?

Are you willing to transform your life one cup at a time?