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Meat: Are You Addicted?

When I wrote about the advice I received from prominent physicians and nutrition scientists (through face-to-face counsel and public campaigns), to stop eating animal products, I never expected the kind of response that I got. I really was surprised by your emails, comments and messages: sharing your own experiences and your plans for improving your health by changing your eating habits. In the midst of all the thoughts you shared, many of you told me straight up that (although you knew it would be the healthier choice) you weren’t ready to give up your favourite meats. For some, it was the jerk pork, for others it was the curried chicken and some of you are still wondering if steamed fish counts as ‘meat’. LOL. But, have you ever wondered if you’re addicted to meat?


Signs of an Addiction
I realised that so many persons struggle to transition to a plant-based diet because they just love their meat. They will tell you that they can quit eating meat whenever they want but they just don’t want to, right now. But, whether it is heroine or chicken, addictions show themselves through these (and other) symptoms:
1. excess consumption of the substance
2. continued consumption even after awareness of health problems
3. serious attempts to quit have failed
4. denial of dependence on the substance
5. refusal of social events that won’t allow for consumption
No, I’m not joking. No substance should have such control on you that you can’t imagine doing without; or cause you to publicly declare that you “can’t give it up”; or cause you to threaten another person for taking some of your ‘stash’.


The Flavour of Meat
“But, it tastes good!”, you protest. Then, I must ask: Do you if you really know the true taste of meat? Do you enjoy the sight, scent and taste of raw, animal flesh? Or is it the plants that are used to flavour it that has you hooked? Yes, plants: herbs and spices are all plants. The curry powder, the black pepper, the escallion and thyme, the pimento and scotch bonnet – you’re only left with salt. Even sashimi (the uncooked slices of fish popular in sushi restaurants) is served with wasabi and soy sauce (both made from plants).


The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” ― Ann Wigmore


You Choose With Every Bite
Whether you’re addicted or have a moderate control on the foods you eat, you want to live a vibrant life in which you are happy and healthy. The wonderful thing about life is that we have all been given the power to CHOOSE. It doesn’t matter the circumstance, there are always more than one way to go about things. So, I want to encourage you to choose more foods that heal, energise and promote life. So, the next meal you have, will it be made up foods that are healing medicines to your body or a slow poison leading to chronic disease?




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