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The 30-Day Jamaican Green Smoothie Challenge

The holidays are here in full swing and you’re eating like there’s no tomorrow! LOL. Who can blame you? It’s so good, right?! Well, I have a gift for you, that is just in time to help you with the ‘Glutton’s Guilt’ we develop after all the festivities. Plus, you need to start the New Year off on the right foot, anyway.

You know I coined the phrase, “Jamaican Green Smoothie”, and have broken it down so that every Jamaican can have a chance to enjoy the green goodness of blended fruits and leafy greens without leaving their backyard – callaloo patch, mango tree and all! Then, in July, we signed up with the gang at for the 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge. Well, it’s our turn now. For January 2014, I’ll be hosting “The 30-Day Jamaican Green Smoothie Challenge”!

That’s right. A wellness programme that requires you to drink one Jamaican Green Smoothie every day for 30 days! No other changes to your lifestyle are required. Just add one cup of blended leafy greens and fruit – that’s all. When you sign up for this challenge, you’ll be getting, for FREE:

  • Authentic Jamaican Green Smoothie Recipes
  • Nutritionist-backed Jamaican Green Smoothie Nutritional Info
  • Didan Ashanta’s Jamaican Green Smoothie Quick Start Guide
  • Customised Jamaican Green Smoothie Weekly Shopping Lists

By taking on The 30-Day Jamaican Green Smoothie Challenge, you will also:

  • Learn the benefits of local Jamaican leafy greens like Callaloo and Lettuce.
  • Learn the benefits of local Jamaican fruits like MangoJimbilin and Guava.
  • Learn the benefits of local Jamaican super foods like Ginger and Fevergrass.


We only have a few days before the year has ended! Don’t make any rash resolutions about how much weight you’re going to lose, or which new diet you’re going to try, or how much you’re going to change your diet and start eating healthier. Within a few days you’ll give up and say, “Maybe next year.” So, to ensure that you have the support and motivation to make it through The 30-Day Jamaican Green Smoothie Challenge we’ll have The Jamaican Green Smoothie Facebook Group, where you’ll benefit from:

  • Daily Inspiration
  • Motivational Quips
  • Jamaican Green Smoothie Tips & Tricks
  • Support from other Jamaican Green Smoothie Challengers
  • Jamaican Green Smoothie Deals & Steals

Sign up for The 30-Day Jamaican Green Smoothie Challenge today! You will get:

  • Jamaican Green Smoothie Recipes for easy to find local leafy greens.
  • Jamaican Green Smoothie Recipes with easy to find local fruits.
  • Jamaican Green Smoothie Recipes using great liquids that are already in your kitchen.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your life! Green Smoothies are a proven and effective way to:

  •  Lose Weight
  • Detox & Cleanse Your Body
  • Improve Mental Clarity & Alertness
  • Kill Junk Food Cravings
  • Jumpstart Your Immune System


Sign up for The 30-Day Jamaican Green Smoothie Challenge today! Here’s the link.

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