Exploring Jerk Tofu

Is it possible to continue to enjoy the authentic, traditional flavour the Jamaican Jerk pit if you decide to avoid eating animals? Of course, your veggies and even fruit can be marinated in your favourite jerk seasoning and tossed into the oven or on the hot grill in the backyard. But, if you want to Continue reading

Vegan BBQ

How to Cook Vegan for a BBQ

I love summer in Japan! It is the only season that I can feel truly comfortable with the weather – on most days, at least. On some days, the intense Japanese heat and humidity make me wish I had never left the Caribbean and it’s tropical marine climate. However, another reason I love summer, is Continue reading


5 Simple Strategies To Rediscover the Joy of Eating, Manage Weight, Reduce Stress & Improve Your Quality of Life

The first time I came across the idea of ‘mindful eating’, the article had something to do with using chopsticks to eat. But, since I am living in Japan and already using chopsticks daily, I flipped the page and moved on to something I felt was more relevant. At that time, I never imagined that Continue reading

No Microwave

4 Ways to Reheat Your Food Without a Microwave

As more of us become aware of the importance of what goes into our mouths, we are trying to retain as much of the nutritional value of our food as possible and reduce the amount of toxicity we expose ourselves to. But, if you were a child or teenager of the ’90s you probably grew Continue reading