Freedom Plans Workshop

Are you studying or working abroad?

Join our expert session hosts for this FREE 1/2-day workshop to gather the proven tools and strategies you need to create financial freedom and thrive abroad.

* Break times included. *

At the end of this interactive learning experience, you will have:

  1. Created an action plan for thriving abroad.
  2. Identified strategies for thriving even after experiencing devastation.
  3. Explored self-publishing as a way to increase your income.
  4. Mapped out your path to financial freedom.

Don’t miss out on:

  • Four (4) practical, resource-packed mini-training sessions.
  • Engaging discussions with multi-national participants.
  • Worksheets and interactive group activities.
  • Breakout room sessions for fun and social connections.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. (African Proverb) So, invite a friend. Registration is FREE!

Workshop Session Hosts:

“Action Plans for Thriving Abroad” 
Didan Ashanta, Life Management Educator
Didan has devoted much of her work in the last decade to support the social integration of foreign nationals studying and working abroad. Drawing on her professional training and experience in cross-cultural sensitivity and guidance counselling, she has developed the “Freedom Plans” personal roadmapping and resilience training program.

“Strategies for Thriving After Devastation” 
Kavanaugh Dickson-Williams, Emotional Resilience Strategist
Kavanaugh is a Christian best-selling author, speaker and blogger, whose books help readers to navigate life’s challenges and to bounce back from adversity. Based on lived experience and faith-based principles, Kav provides proven strategies for coping with tragedy and loss.

“Self-Publishing to Increase Your Income” 
Cameka ‘Ruth’ Taylor, Authorpreneur
Ruth is is an Amazon bestselling author of 21 books, including “Authorpreneur Secrets: Write Fast, Publish Affordably and Generate Lasting Income” and “Rocket-Writer.” Speaking and travelling across 14 countries, Ruth earns a full-time living from her writing and the different income streams it generates.

“Mapping Your Financial Freedom” 
Simone Brissett-Tate, Personal Finance Coach
Simone provides one-on-one personal financial coaching services to guide people out of debt and into financial peace. Equipped with a certified step-by-step plan, Coach Tate spreads her gift of stewardship to help her clients take control of their finances and achieve their money goals faster.