About Didan Ashanta




I’m Didan Ashanta and as a LifeDesigner, I teach, motivate and inspire go-getters to design vibrant lives built on habits that nurture the body, mind and spirit.

Years ago, I adopted a whole-food, plant-based diet, built a green smoothie habit and switched to natural solutions for my beauty regimen, because I believe a healthy body is the optimum place to live a significant and satisfying life. By creating informative content and facilitating empowering experiences, I’ve been able to help health-seekers fall in love with green smoothies and transition to whole-food, plant-based diets. Even in my role as a trained loctician, I’ve helped loc-lovers cultivate strong, elegant locs and encouraged naturalistas to grow long, healthy Afro-textured hair.

My belief that a strong spirit is the foundation for creating deep connections with the people in our lives and living with purpose, has led me to cultivate spiritual disciplines like contemplation and fellowship and to maintain a gratitude practice. While on this path of intentional living and joy cultivation, I’ve grabbed many opportunities to serve in different communities around world, to connect with like-minded change-makers and to frequently pause to appreciate the simple things that make every day worth celebrating.

Yet, all of this has been fueled by my belief that a growing mind facilitates self-knowledge and builds expertise. As a self-learning and home-schooling enthusiast, so much of my competence has been gained while standing on the shoulders of those who have paved the way ahead of me. So, now I want to pay it forward by helping you on your journey of simplicity, significance and satisfaction.

Even if you and I have different beliefs and favour different habits, we both deserve to be our best selves and to live each day filled with contentment and celebration. So, I don’t want you to miss out on anymore opportunities to improve the quality of your life. Quit stalling your dreams. You can design a vibrant life today!

If you’re ready to live, learn and love intentionally, please drop me a message and let’s take the journey together. My email address is: writeme@didanashanta.com

Vibrant love,