About Didan Ashanta

I’m Didan Ashanta and as a Life Design & Life Management Educator, I teach, motivate and inspire go-getters to lead joy-fueled, vibrant lives that are built on the simple habits that nurture our bodies, minds and spirits. 

My globetrotting has taken me from a Caribbean island (Jamaica) to another island nation that straddles the East Sea and the Pacific Ocean (Japan), and now my new island home (Newfoundland) is in the Atlantic region. Since I’m all about living intentionally, I am usually grabbing or creating opportunities to serve in whichever community I settle. So, as the founder of Expat Bliss, I focus on equipping active and aspiring expats to thrive abroad. After 8 years of working as an English Language Teacher in Japan and then relocating to Newfoundland, I have become quite familiar with the ups and downs of being a newcomer navigating life in a foreign country. So, much of my research and public engagement projects focus on migrant integration.

I’m also an advocate for resilience-building wellness routines because there is no life to design and no dreams to build without your health and vitality. That’s why for more than a decade, I have been sharing informative content and facilitating empowering experiences to help health-seekers fall in love with green smoothies and support their transition to whole-food, plant-based diets. (You should definitely check out my Jamaican Green Smoothies book!)

Even if you and I have taken different paths and favour different habits, we both deserve to be our best selves and to live each day filled with contentment and celebration. So, I don’t want you to miss out on any more opportunities to find your freedom and optimize your life. Quit stalling your dreams. You can design a vibrant life today!

I love to connect with like-minded life-designers. So, if you’re ready to live, learn and love intentionally, please drop me a message and let’s take the journey together. My email address is: writeme@didanashanta.com

Vibrant love,